Sunday Pickin' With Hillbilly GillyHillbilly Gilly, Host of Sunday Pickin'

Sunday Pickin' with Hillbilly Gilly features today’s Bluegrass Gospel mixed with some old favorites. Guaranteed to uplift the Lord and brighten your day! We will have a special show case featuring artists and the love they have for the Lord through the music they sing. Join the Hillbilly on Sunday afternoons at 3:00pm for an hour of Bluegrass Gospel music. Tune us in at 88.3 on your FM dial or online using the "Listen Now" button.

Pickin the Old Hound Dog at the celebration to 100,000 watts! With Southern Raised Bluegrass band. And the Kallemeyers!

Playing Banjo and Dobro with David Reetz at Presser Hall.

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