Share-a-thon at The Master's Radio

What Is the KJAB Share-a-thon?

Share-a-thon is radio's version of a telethon.  Twice each year we cancel our regular broadcasting in order to raise the operating budget for the station.  KJAB is a non-commercial Gospel radio station, which means the FCC has designated that we raise our funding from listener support instead of advertising.  KJAB offers free Bluegrass music and Southern Gospel online radio programming.  During each Share-a-thon, we ask our listeners to make a financial pledge to support Christian radio in Central Missouri.  To learn more about how to pledge to this conservative Gospel radio station, visit our How To Make A Pledge page.  Our fiscal year runs from April to March.  As we gather these pledges in each Share-a-thon, it helps us form our operating budget for that fiscal year.  Pledges do not have to be paid during the week of Share-a-thon, but we do ask that they are given by the end of each fiscal year.

Spring Share-a-thon at The Master's Radio

This is our primary fundraiser for the year, and it always begins on the 2nd Monday of March.  The DJ's on the anchor desk encourage listeners to give, and then they read the pledges that are made.  In between each anchor desk set, you will hear some of the best Southern Gospel groups and Bluegrass music bands around.  This is the foundation of this radio station's Gospel music format.  We usually have some special guests that come in for interviews or to make challenges for our listeners to support the station.  It is live radio, and you never know just exactly what will happen.  It is a fun time for all.  

We always have a financial goal, and we make a big deal over each $500 plateau that is reached by playing a special plateau song and shouting at the end of it to let everyone know we've reached another plateau.  Hey, how about making a pledge and helping us get to the next plateau?

KJAB Fall Share-a-thon

Our Fall Share-a-thon runs six days in October and focuses on raising the funds needed for the remaining days of the fiscal year.  It is run much like the Spring Share-a-thon except our focus is on local community radio in Missouri.  We air interviews with local pastors and other leaders in our community and focus on issues affecting Central Missouri.  In between these sets, we once again air that Southern Gospel/Bluegrass Gospel sound.

Our Purpose at KJAB

KJAB is like a missionary, proclaiming the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ 24 hours a day in message and music.  We also seek to encourage and inform the saints of God in their daily walk.  Please consider what you can do to help us spread the Gospel across the air waves of Central Missouri and around the world.

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