KJAB Family Calendar of Events

Welcome to our local community events page.  Here you will find several calendars of events that have been submitted to us from listeners in Mid-Missouri.  You will find everything from community events, church calendars, and southern Gospel music concerts in Central Missouri, to bluegrass music festivals featuring Gospel bluegrass artists. community calendar of events

Family Calendar is a free community events calendar aired three times daily at 8:15 a.m., 12:10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.  Events will be announced no more than two weeks before the start date and will get aired at least once each day.  KJAB does not necessarily endorse all items listed on Family Calendar and reserves the right to determine which announcements apply to our audience.

Our Mid-Missouri events calendar is listed as three categories.  Follow the links below to find the event for which you're looking.  If it is not there, be sure to submit your event for broadcast.

Missouri Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Gospel Concert Schedules

Check out this calendar to see what Southern Gospel  and Bluegrass Gospel concerts are taking place in our area.  If you are hosting a Gospel concert or know of a Gospel singing group coming to the area submit an event to get it posted.

Missouri Community Events Calendar

This calendar is for community events that are that are secular in nature but important to our community. Blood drives, library activities, community meetings, etc can be listed on this calendar.  Click on the link below to submit your event.

KJAB Church Events Calendar

If your church has a special meeting planned or an event you want to have announced this is the place to look.  Get your event posted today by following the link below and filling out the event submission form



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