KJAB Christian Radio Program Spotlight: Creation Moments

KJAB Christian Radio doesn’t simply provide the hottest Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Gospel music, we also air numerous programs geared to help the Christian in his day-to-day walk with the Lord. Among those programs is Creation Moments with host Ian Taylor. Creation Moments is broadcasted 2 times every weekday and each Saturday for our listeners in Central Missouri and around the globe at kjab.com.

Five decades back, a minister around Boise, Idaho, detected a distressing trend...

Founder Pastor Walter Lang found a large number of the young Christians in his congregation deserting their Christian heritage after spending a year or two in college. "Could this be going on in other churches around the country?" he thought. It was. Lang decided to take action.

Who They Are

southern gospel music bluegrass creationist missouri mo radio streaming liveCreation Moments is a nonprofit Christian outreach program. They help individuals, college students, churches, home schoolers, and professionals by maintaining the truth of God in creation. Creation Moments exists to glorify The Lord by exhibiting scientific evidence for scripture and its literal truths

What They Believe

•   A literal interpretation of creation as given in the Bible

•   The existence of scientific evidence for the Bible

•   Divine design and purpose in nature

•   A universal flood (as identified in Genesis)

•   Special creation (uniqueness)

•   Christ-centered scientific research

•   A young Earth

•   Jesus Christ as man's only hope for eternal redemption.    Christ is both Savior and Lord, was born of a virgin, is both God and man, died for our sins and rose again

Christian Radio Outreach

In a world bombarded by incorrect messages about origins, Creation Moments delivers truthful, up to date information regarding new finds in God's creation and just how they connect with the Bible. They understand true science supports Biblical truth.

The two minute "Creation Moments" Christian radio broadcast with host Ian Taylor is heard in Mexico, Fulton, Columbia, and Jefferson City, MO and throughout the world on more than 1,300 stations, such as KJAB Christian Radio. They have authored, recorded and broadcast more than 1,250 programs on current topics in creationism and scientific evidence for the Bible and the downfalls of evolution.

KJAB Christian Radio, Mid-Missouri’s Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Gospel station, is proud to air good and uplifting Christian programs such as Creation Moments.

To learn more about Creation Moments, you can visit their website at www.creationmoments.com

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