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  • Chiefs click in all phases in dominating win over the Raiders
    The Oakland Raiders scored a couple of touchdowns midway through the fourth quarter, but at that point the game was over.  In one of their best all-around games since September, Kansas City put together a dominating 26-15 win on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium to split the season series with their hated rival in the AFC […]  Sun, 10 Dec 2017 21:46:48 +0000

  • Key Missouri lawmaker files seat belt legislation
    Legislation calling for a primary seat belt law has been filed by the Missouri House Transportation Committee Chairman. Under current Missouri law, motorists cannot be stopped or inspected solely to determine seat belt compliance. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) notes the Show-Me State is one of 16 states without a primary seat belt law. […]  Sun, 10 Dec 2017 21:10:12 +0000

  • Odom gets two year extension at #Mizzou
    The University of Missouri and head football coach Barry Odom have agreed to a two-year contract extension through 2023, Mizzou Director of Athletics Jim Sterk announced on Saturday, subject to approval by University President Mun Choi and the Board of Curators at a future meeting. “I am excited for the future of this program, as […]  Sat, 09 Dec 2017 21:54:35 +0000

  • Ryan Walters upped to Mizzou football defensive coordinator
    University of Missouri Head Football Coach Barry Odom has promoted Assistant Coach Ryan Walters to the position of defensive coordinator, as announced today. Walters is in his third year with the Mizzou defensive staff, and he’s spent the past two seasons as co-defensive coordinator for the Tigers. In 2017, Walters assumed control of the entire […]  Sat, 09 Dec 2017 12:06:10 +0000

  • Missouri State extends winning streak to seven with win over Hampton
    Missouri State got 17 points apiece from Jarred Dixon and Alize Johnson to help the Bears (9-2) turn back visiting Hampton, 88-75, here Friday in the Bears’ biggest offensive output of the season. MSU, which extended its win streak to seven games, shot 48.5 percent from the field with four double-figure scorers – including 11 […]  Sat, 09 Dec 2017 12:04:05 +0000

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  • Woman says goodbye to the dog that saved her life
    Woman says goodbye to the dog that saved her life

    COLUMBIA - Nearly four years ago to the day, local business owner Linda Bonebrake was diagnosed with severe sepsis at Boone Regional Hospital.

    After battling pneumonia for months, Bonebrake's body was sent into a state of septic shock. Doctors poked and prodded her body to little avail. Her chances of survival were slim. 

    Until her dog Marshall was allowed to visit her in her hospital room. 

    "I was giving up," Bonebrake said. "Marshall saved my life. He gave me the motivation to keep going."

    Linda adopted Marshall from Columbia Second Chance back in 2009, a privately funded no-kill shelter that took Marshall in from an animal shelter in Fulton that was ready to put him down. 

    "As soon as I met him, he laid on my lap and I just knew," Bonebrake said. "I just knew that Marshall was the dog for me."

    The two spent over eight years together. Taking photos and making memories everywhere they went the two became inseparable. 

    Bonebrake is the owner of Karma Care, a metaphysical shop that offers holistic services. Bonebrake brought Marshall to work every single day, her customers quickly grew to love to his presence. 

    "My customers love Marshall," Bonebrake said. "He loves them too, he is always happy and eager to be loved on.

    Suddenly, Marshall was in need of Bonebrake's help.

    Marshall was diagnosed with cancer in October and developed a severe case of laryngeal paralysis which made it difficult for Marshall to eat and even breathe at times. 

    Bonebrake and Marshall's time together was coming to an end.

    Melody Whitworth is the Director of Unchained Melodies, a local dog shelter that is also no-kill. Whitworth knows Bonebrake closely and sees how everything came full circle.

    "Marshall had a lot of health issues toward the end of his life," Whitworth said. "Luckily Linda was healthy enough to help him with his health issues and be by his side. Just as he was for her."

    Marshall lost his battle on November 16th.

    "It's been hard," Bonebrake said. "He was my family."

    Bonebrake wants to open her heart again to another dog, but is not in a position financially to do so.

    "All of his surgeries toward the end of his life were expensive," Bonebrake said. "I want more dogs, but I need to make sure that I can responsibly take care of them."

    In the future, Bonebrake hopes to foster dogs through Unchained Melodies. A program that allows responsible adults the opportunity to foster dogs at no cost to them.

    "No dog can ever take the place of Marshall," Whitworth said. "That dog will have a piece of her heart that she'll never get back."

    Bonebrake said that she will be ready, in time, to save the lives of more dogs. In honor of the dog that saved hers.

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      Sun, 10 Dec 2017 6:47:25 PM

  • Bird lovers get a closer look at backyard birds
    Bird lovers get a closer look at backyard birds

    JEFFERSON CITY - Bird lovers got an up close look at birds typically seen in their backyards Sunday. 

    It was at a demonstration called Backyard Bird Banding.

    The Missouri River Bird Observatory, a non-profit organization that gathers research for conservation programs and a store called Birds-I-View paired together for a reason that was two-fold. 

    "We would like to get people into conservation and into backyard birds," Regina Garr, co-owner of Birds-I-View, said. "When you can see them close up, you can get to know them better."

    The Observatory set up nets in the garden to capture the birds that normally visit. It collected data on the weight, body fat and wingspan of the birds, then added federally-permitted bands, as well as colored bands, to track the movements of the birds. 

    "Not all that much was known about species winter site fidelity, which is how faithful they are to particular site," director of the Missouri River Bird Observatory, Dana Ripper said. 

    With birds banded, Regina Garr and her husband Steve Garr can collect data on birds that come back to the garden.

    "We've had some birds that we've banded in 2012 that came back four, five winters in a row," she said.    

    The Observatory has banded 178 birds that visited the Birds-I-View garden. The Garr's have seen around 54 birds return. 

    "All this data goes into one big database tracking longevity of birds," Ripper said.

    That database is at the bird banding lab at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Maryland. 

    There will be two more bird banding demonstrations in January and March.   

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      Sun, 10 Dec 2017 5:36:56 PM

  • Docents provide insight, education on Columbia museums
    Docents provide insight, education on Columbia museums

    COLUMBIA - Museums around Columbia hosted docent led tours Sunday, spreading awareness about their exhibits and art collections. Docents are museum volunteers who spend a year in training, learning the details behind the pieces and their journey to mid-Missouri.

    "Well you're here every Monday for one year learning about every single piece," said Valerie Hammon, docent for Columbia's Museum of Art and Archaeology.

    "At the end of it you're so full with knowledge you're like 'Wow how could I possibly remember all of this', but you do."

    Docents typically study pieces for years, sometimes even traveling to countries where the pieces originated. 

    Hammon's tour focused on Palestinian and Israeli ceremonies, some dating as early as 370 BC. The museums collection encompasses the major cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world.

    "I think too few people take advantage," said fellow docent Wayne Merrill. "This museum is a gem. It's right here in Columbia, Missouri, and I think too few people realize that and come and enjoy it."

    About 20 people participated in the hour-long tour. According Merrill, only a fifth of the museums nearly 16,000 exhibits are currently on display.

    In 2016, US. Art Awards named the museum at Mizzou North one of America's Best 25 Galleries and Museums. 

    For more information on docent led tours and exhibits at the Museum of Art and Archeology tour visit the museum's website. 

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      Sun, 10 Dec 2017 3:59:13 PM

  • Historic house hosts holiday happening
    Historic house hosts holiday happening

    COLUMBIA - 2017 will mark the 140th Christmas the historic Maplewood House has seen from its home in south Columbia. The Boone County Historical Society celebrated the anniversary by hosting Christmas tours of the ancient home Sunday afternoon. 

    The society's director said Christmas fans and history buffs alike will be engaged by the tour.  

    "They may be coming for great holiday decor, and I hope so. But I would like for young people especially to get a better idea of what this house means to the city," Director Chris Campbell said.

    The Maplewood House was built in 1877, and served as the home of Boone County pioneer Ensor Lenoir and his family. The house is now under the care of the historical society, who host non-holiday themed tours of the estate throughout the year. 

    Local florists and decorators provided the tour's holiday garnishes for a very small price. Each vendor received a stipend of $100 for their work, paling in comparison to the $500 that many spent producing the decorations. 

    One of the tour's docents said the decorations matched with the old home give guests a visceral experience.  

    "I think it gives you a different perspective on how different people lived. We read in books, but to actually walk through a building that was built centuries ago is awesome," Jane Wagner said. 

    Sunday marked the first time in five years the society has hosted a Christmas tour. 

    It will continue the tours on Sunday the 17th from 1 to 4 p.m.

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      Sun, 10 Dec 2017 3:54:20 PM

  • Operation Steal Back Christmas is a success
    Operation Steal Back Christmas is a success

    COLUMBIA - MU Police Department, MU Greek Life, local businesses and residents made Operation Steal Back Christmas a huge success. The operation was launched after two storage lockers in Fulton, MO were stolen from in October.

    Twelve large boxes of toys collected since January was stolen from Toys for Tots. The toys are given to children during the holiday season. Missouri Pay it Forward had 350 pairs of shoes stolen.

    MU Police Department and MU Greek Life made their own partnership called Greeks Against the Grinch and began to collect toys, shoes, coats, socks and underwear.

    Officer Gawlik from the MU Police Department said they hoped to counteract the loss that was felt from the stolen donations.

    Several sororities placed donation boxes in their chapter houses for members to make their own contributions to the operation. 

    Former Community Service Vice President Lydia Jane said her sorority, Kappa Delta, wanted to help as much as possible.

    "It’s a really amazing thing to see how much good people can do when they all come together for the greater good," Jane said. "We've collected so many items that our box has overflowed and just became a corner in the house for members to put their donations."

    The MU Police Department said their storage room is almost completely full with donated items. Gawlik said she is excited to see the final donation count.

    Missouri Pay it Forward accepts new or gently used clothing items. Toys for Tots donations must be new toys.

    The last day to donate for the Stealing Back Christmas campaign is Wednesday, Dec 13 but Toys for Tots will continue accepting donations until Christmas eve. Visit the Toys for Tots website to find your closest drop-off box.

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      Sun, 10 Dec 2017 12:31:32 PM

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  • Judge blocks Missouri's abortion-restricting rules
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A federal judge followed through on his promise Wednesday and blocked abortion-restricting rules in Missouri, saying he's bound by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling and that the state is denying abortion rights "on a daily basis,…  Wed, 19 Apr 2017 19:27:00 -0500

  • City seeks public input on bus system changes
    The city will solicit resident feedback on proposals to increase ridership on the city's bus system, in part by increasing how often buses arrive at each stop.  Wed, 19 Apr 2017 08:00:00 -0500

  • Boone County Commission approves tax incentives for American Outdoor Brands
    American Outdoor Brands will save nearly $2.8 million over a decade after the Boone County Commission unanimously approved tax breaks for the shooting and hunting equipment company on Tuesday.  Wed, 19 Apr 2017 08:00:00 -0500

  • Sheriff’s department plans sobriety checkpoint
    Boone County deputies will conduct at least one sobriety checkpoint between Thursday and Sunday, according to a news release.  Wed, 19 Apr 2017 08:00:00 -0500

  • Several arrested during DWI checkpoint
    A Missouri State Highway Patrol DWI checkpoint in Moniteau County led to several arrests Friday, the agency said in a news release.  Wed, 19 Apr 2017 08:00:00 -0500


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