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KJAB Christian Radio believes in keeping its listeners up to date on local Missouri news. KJAB does not have its own local Missouri news desk but gathers its news primarily from Missouri newspapers and Central Missouri news stations. We cover Missouri state news as well as news in Columbia, Fulton, Mexico, Moberly, and Jefferson City. To hear the news in Missouri, tune in today!



  • Missouri Supreme Court: Amendment 5 doesn’t give nonviolent felons gun rights
    The state Supreme Court has ruled a 2014 constitutional amendment strengthening Missourians’ rights to own firearms does not allow nonviolent felons to have guns. Three men charged with being felons in possession of firearms had challenged those charges, arguing the passage by voters of Amendment 5 in 2014 negated state law against nonviolent felons owning […]  Tue, 09 Feb 2016 21:09:29 +0000

  • Missourinet Noon News 2-9-2016
    Support wanes for death penalty repeal bill.  Bill Wise reports.  Tue, 09 Feb 2016 18:05:15 +0000

  • Republicans want more info on $50-million settlement before filing tobacco bill
    The Attorney General says legislation must be passed to protect as much as $1-billion in future tobacco settlement payments, but Republican legislative leaders want more information. Attorney General Chris Koster (D) says he’s reached an agreement to preserve a $50-million tobacco payment to Missouri for 2003, plus future payments, but it’s contingent on passage of […]  Tue, 09 Feb 2016 17:26:32 +0000

  • Mizzou Coach Loos looking at the big picture ahead of Saturday’s #RallyForRhyan Game (AUDIO)
    Fans will be offered free general admission with a cash donation of any amount for the Mizzou Men’s Basketball’s on Saturday, Feb. 13, with Tennessee (2 p.m.)…the first-ever Rally For Rhyan Game. The event is to raise awareness for pediatric cancer in support of assistant coach Brad Loos’ five-year old daughter, Rhyan, who was diagnosed with […]  Tue, 09 Feb 2016 14:55:55 +0000

  • Death penalty repeal debated in Missouri Senate
    The state Senate has debated a repeal of the death penalty, but that’s as far as the idea will go this year. Senator Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) has offered a death penalty repeal bill for the past six years, but this session is the first time the full senate has debated the issue. Weiland said because […]  Tue, 09 Feb 2016 14:15:56 +0000

  • KOMU.com

  • Missouri ban on felons carrying guns ruled constitutional
    Missouri ban on felons carrying guns ruled constitutional

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri Supreme Court said a recent amendment to the state constitution doesn't mean some felons now can carry guns.

    The Tuesday ruling by the Supreme Court applies to a 2014 amendment making the right to bear arms "unalienable."

    The amendment specified that lawmakers can limit the rights of "violent" felons. That led to confusion about what the change means for felons convicted of nonviolent crimes.

    The judges ruled on the case of a man previously convicted of a nonviolent felony and later charged with unlawfully possessing a firearm.

    The Supreme Court ruling clarifies that Missouri's current ban on felons possessing firearms is constitutional.

    The high court has previously upheld the ban in other felon-gun cases based on a version of the Missouri Constitution that existed before the 2014 amendment.

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      Tue, 9 Feb 2016 4:04:36 PM

  • Bill looks to add professional diversity to UM Board of Curators
    Bill looks to add professional diversity to UM Board of Curators

    JEFFERSON CITY - Following the resignation of three UM Board of Curators since November, lawmakers at the state capital hope to add more professional diversity to the board. 

    Rep. Don Rone, R-Portageville, said a proposed bill would only allow two board members from a single occupation on all higher education boards appointed by the governor. 

    "I'm not picking out lawyers, but you take Mizzou right now. They've got six curators, all six are lawyers," Rone said. 

    Three other universities have more than two lawyers on the governing board. Missouri State University has four lawyers, Missouri Southern State University has three lawyers, and Lincoln University has three lawyers on their boards.

    The UM System said it has no position on Rone's bill. 

    Rone said, "It doesn't matter if it's education, what board it is needs more diversification because if you have one group and they control the thinking of that board, you don't need but one member. I know for a fact that a person from southeast Missouri farmer would think different than a St. Louis lawyer."

    KOMU 8 News looked into the higher education governing boards in surrounding states to see how the UM Board of Curators compared. The Kansas Board of Regents and the Illinois Board of Trustees each have three lawyers on the board. The University of Arkansas Board of Trustees has four lawyers on its board and the Board of Regents for the state of Iowa has one lawyer on its board. 

    Rone said changing the professional diversity of the board might not change the board's final decisions, but it will better represent the people of Missouri.

    "It's about diversity of the people of Missouri on those boards. It's about not one occupation controlling one whole board as large as Missouri, or Southeast Missouri State," Rone said. "We don't need one occupation controlling the board of a whole university." 

    Rode said no one spoke for or against the bill in Tuesday's public hearing. He said the bill will move to executive session next week. 

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      Tue, 9 Feb 2016 3:10:36 PM

  • Former Planned Parenthood manager speaksfor Pro-Life Action Day
    Former Planned Parenthood manager speaksfor Pro-Life Action Day

    JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Right to Life organization held its Pro-Life Action Day on the first floor rotunda of the Capitol on Tuesday afternoon.

    The event's keynote speaker, Sue Thayer, is the former center manager of Planned Parenthood at the Heartland in Storm Lake, Iowa. She said, after working for the organization for 18 years, she believes Planned Parenthood is more concerned with the "bottom line" than on women's health.

    "I started there thinking I was really going to help women," she said.

    Thayer said the location did not offer abortions when she started working there. She said the events that made her not want to work there anymore included webcam abortions with non-medical personnel, an alleged deceased infant being found in a recycling bin and fund raising to keep law enforcement from receiving womens' pregnancy records. 

    Thayer said her faith was a key part of her decision to reach out to pro-life organizations and eventually and start the 40 Days for Life movement in Storm Lake. She said the action caused her to be fired, and called it a blessing.

    Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder said Missouri is a world leader in the pro-life movement.

    "We have gone from 10 abortion clinics to one," Kinder said. "We're going to continue this by getting some good legislation passed this year."

    Planned Parenthood at the Heartland declined refused to comment on the story or Thayer. However, Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri's M'Evie Mead said she has no verification about Thayer's allegations. 

    While Mead said she did not know about the events in Iowa, she said the Planned Parenthood locations in Missouri are in complete compliance with all laws.

    "One in five people will visit a Planned Parenthood in their lifetime," Mead said. "In Missouri, we serve 60,000 peopl per year and offer the highest quality reproductive health."

    Another piece of legislation being supported by the group is called the Simon Law, or House Bill 1915, which aims to give patients and parents of minor patients more control when it comes to end-of-life decisions in hospitals. 

    The mother of the child the bill is named for said that more legislation aimed at preserving life could have saved her son Simon who was hospitalized for having an extra chromosome. Sheryl Crosier said there was a do-not-resuscitate order placed on her son's file without her knowledge, and her son was given minimal treatment. 

    "Someone determined that my child did not have value," Crosier said. "They violated his human rights. He was also a victim of genetic discrimination, and they took away mine and my husband's parental rights."

    There will be another Pro-Life Action day on April 5.


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      Tue, 9 Feb 2016 2:52:17 PM

  • Business Loop 70 attracts education institutions
    Business Loop 70 attracts education institutions

    COLUMBIA - Colleges and universities are viewing the Business Loop 70 as an area "easily accessible" for students.

    Higher education institutions are making the Business Loop and the Parkade Center home for their Columbia campuses.

    Moberly Area Community College, Central Methodist University and William Woods University are housed in Parkade Canter.

    The Mizzou North campus is also located on the business loop.

    MACC spokesperson Laura Mertens said the college has been in the Parkade Center since 2010.

    "Parkade is a location a lot of people know about, it's been around a long time, people know the Parkade Center when people say it, and we've sort of brought back life to the Parkade Center," Mertens said.

    She said the location improves the lives of students and provides a lot of resources to them. 

    "The accessibility is nice," Mertens said. "Our student body are commuter students and so we have a lot of parking. They can just come and park wherever they need to and come to class. There's not a lot of barriers walking around campus trying to find the right building, those kinds of things."

    Jada Mozee is a student and said she likes having class in the Parkade Center because it's only a 15-minute commute, but says she doesn't have time to get to the restaurants on the Business Loop.

    "I wish they had a cafeteria in here, something quicker," Mozee said. "Sometimes you don't have a lot of time. Some of my classes I only have five minutes in between each other So I have no time to get anything to eat."

    A Business Loop 70 business owner said he thinks more students in the area is a positive thing for businesses and would welcome more schools to the business loop.


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      Tue, 9 Feb 2016 2:45:51 PM

  • Ferguson City Council expected to vote on DOJ agreement
    Ferguson City Council expected to vote on DOJ agreement

    FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — The Ferguson City Council is expected to vote Tuesday on a police and court reform proposal with the U.S. Department of Justice, an agreement that would cost the St. Louis suburb millions of dollars.

    The consent decree would require hiring a monitor, training police on diversity, giving significant pay raises to officers, and buying software and hiring staff to analyze records on arrests, use of force and other police matters.

    The city estimates it would cost up to $3.7 million to implement the agreement in the first year alone. Ferguson could face a federal lawsuit if the council rejects the agreement.

    Ferguson has been under scrutiny since the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in 2014. The officer who killed him has since resigned but was cleared of wrongdoing.

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      Tue, 9 Feb 2016 2:35:25 PM

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